Our Clients

Jackie Cote

Jackie Cote shares her story of fighting for health insurance for her wife, Dee, and the rights of LGBTQ workers. Her class action lawsuit charged Walmart with discriminating against employees who were married to same-sex spouses by denying their spouses health insurance benefits. In May 2017, a federal judge approved a $7.5 million class settlement.

Domingo Zamora

For years, Domingo Zamora and his fellow workers were underpaid for long, hard hours of work. He shared the devastating impact of wage theft on himself and his family. In the end, his courage helped secure over $645,000 for 25 plaintiffs.

Louis Sawyer

Our client Louis Sawyer recently talked about the parole process and returning citizens. The Committee’s DC Prisoners’ Project trains pro bono representatives to assist prisoners with their parole grant hearings, and advocates for the rights of returning citizens.

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